Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer

Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer

【model SC-410】 *Gear-Chain Drive*

The Most Durable Smaller Size

SC-410 Cooking Mixer
SC-410 Cooking Mixer

SC-410 is a manual multi-function Gas Cooking Mixers which can be used for making sauces, hand and soft sweets, pastes and fried food. The mixing arm is moveable and the bowl is fixed.

SC-410 is our smaller size Gas Cooking Mixer and it requires less working place. SC-410 is suitable for laboratory innovation. There are some regular sizes can choose. The variable mixing speeds can meet different kinds of cooking processes and make work more efficient. In addition, the mixing scrapers can touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning and make food pretty and tasty.

SC-410 Gas Cooking Mixer can provide an easy solution for your handmade business and increase productivity.


  • Can be used for all kinds of sauces, sweets, pastes, filling, meat and so on.


  • With CE certification.
  • The best smallest size Cooking Mixer.
  • Suitable for laboratory innovation.
  • The upgrade model from SB-410.
  • Moveable mixing arm.
  • Fixed bowl type
  • Variable mixing speeds for different cooking processes.
  • The mixing scrapers touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning.
  • Easy operation with moveable control panel.
  • Easy clean with SUS#304 Body.
  • Require the minimum working place.
  • The great heating system can save cost and shorten cooking time.
  • Customized specification is possible.
  • Electricity: 1-Phase / 3-Phase, 1 HP (60L ~ 80L) / 2 HP (150L)


  • As below :
Full Capacity80L150L
Type of BodySUS#304 Type
Type of BowlSUS#304 Single Layer BowlSUS#304 Double Jacket Steam Bowl
SUS#304 Double Jacket Oil Bowl
Copper Bowl
Demo Video

▼ Laksa Sauce cooking in SC-410 mixer.

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Seven Castle's Industrial Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer Manufacturering

Based in Taiwan, Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd. is a Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer manufacturer since 1982. Their Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer is made of stainless steel, automatic and semi-automatic cooking mixer, from 150L to 600L, with CE approval.

The innovative and unique cooking mixer designed by Seven Castle is high performance and high productivity, and every mixer is tested in the test kitchen to ensure its functionality. They are applicable to custard, cream and paste mixing and more.

Seven Castle has been offering a wide range of cooking mixers for 31 years, they always make sure to meet each customer's cooking demands.

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