History | Taiwan-Based Cooking Mixer & Food Processing Machine Manufacturer For Over 30 Years | Seven Castle

Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd.

Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd.


Experienced manufacture over 41 years


"Seven Bao(treasure) Enterprise" was established in Shilin, Taipei City. Seven Bao started manufacturing bakery machines, dough mixers, dough sheeters, ovens, and offered maintenance services for those bakery machines.


Our production was gradually expanded, adding production lathes and machine tools. The small factory relocated to Zhongzheng Road, Luzhou Township, Taipei County.


"Seven Bao Enterprise" was officially renamed to ""Seven Castle Enterprise Co Ltd"". We began expanding overseas export business, specializing in the production of cooking mixers and food processing machines. Additionally, we started participating in International Trade Show, such as Food Taipei Mega show and Singapore Food & Beverage Event.


We continuously expanding the factory and relocating to Fushing Road, Luzhou City, Taipei County. Developed new models including SB-460 large cooking mixer, SC-300 mochi steamer, and SC-400 rotating copper cooking mixer. These innovations received domestic and international patent certifications.


Developed new models including SC-420/SB-420, SC-420A, and SC-410B cooking mixers. Also, conducted research and development on a new automatic ignition heating system, gas double-oil-jacket pot, and more. Simultaneously, obtained the CE inspection certification standards from the European Union.


A whole new plant 1 building has been completed in Bali, with the usable area expanded from approximately 660 to 1,650 square meters. The facility includes a machinery show room and a food testing kitchen for developing applications in the food industry. Besides, Seven Castle has obtained the ISO 9001 international certification in the same year.


Seven Castle continues to vigorously expand the export of food cooking mixers to global international markets such as Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, India, Egypt, Thailand, Southeast Asia, China, Oceania, etc. We also participated for the first time in the worldwide trade show, Interpack, in Germany.


Seven Castle has developed the new model SC-410C, a fully automatic cooking mixer. This machine is of optimal size, featuring the most powerful operational functions, and has become a best-selling model among fully automatic options.


Our production line has been expanded to the plant 2 in Bali, covering an area of about 1320 square meters, for mass-producing large cooking mixing and food processing machines. In 2018, an exclusively developed mini ih cooking mixer, SC-120ih, was introduced. This model utilizes electromagnetic heating technology, contributing to energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and environmental sustainability.


To expand into the markets of Northeast Asia and Central Asia, a Korean subsidiary ""한국세븐캐슬무역(주)"" was established in Gimpo City, Gyeonggi Province. This subsidiary features display and small-scale testing food machines to provide a more comprehensive and high-quality service team. Seven Castle are gradually establishing our presence in the global market."

History | Taiwan-Based Cooking Mixer & Food Processing Machine Manufacturer For Over 30 Years | Seven Castle

Located in Taiwan since 1982, Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd. has been a cooking mixer and food processing machine manufacturer in Cooking Mixer Manufacturer Industry. Their main products, including Manual Type Cooking Mixers, Cooking Mixers, Semi-Auto Type Cooking Mixers, Auto Type Cooking Mixers, Custard Cooking Mixers, Bowl Rotating Cooking Mixers, Steam Kneaders, Vacuum Mixers, Horizontal Mixers, Biscuit Mixers, Pounding Machines, Bean Skin Removers, and Two Linked Cutters and Roasters, which are high-quality and reliable.

Seven Castle's Cooking Mixers provide the best solution and well cooking experiences of liquid food in the worldwide with our multiple-culture, international and professional experiences. The innovative and unique cooking mixer designed by Seven Castle is high performance and high productivity, and every food processing machinery is tested in the test kitchen to ensure its functionality. They are applicable to custard, cream and paste mixing, and more.

Seven Castle has been offering customers high-performance cooking mixers and food processing machines since 1982, both with advanced technology and 41 years of experience, Seven Castle ensures each customer's demands are met.