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Cooking Mixers - Apply to Food

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  • Mochi Products :Mochi products, Glutinous Rice Powder or Starch Powder products.
  • Paste / Filling / Stuffing :Mung bean paste, Red bean paste, Lotus seed paste, Pumpkin paste, Sweets potatoes paste, Taro paste, Date paste, Creamy custard, Stuffing of Steamed Bun, Filling of Samosa, Meat stuffing, and all kinds of paste and filling.
  • Fruit Jam / Jelly :Pineapple Cake Filling, Winter Melon Jam, Strawberry Jam, Marmalade, and all kinds of fruit jam and fruits jelly.
  • Sauce / Seasoning :Laksa, Satay sauce, Steak sauce, Pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce, Curry, Chili sauce, XO sauce, Scallop Sauce, Seafood sauce, and other paste-like thick sauce.
  • Sweets / Pâtisserie / Confectionery :Fudge, Toffee, Chocolate, Sesame Candy, Peanut Candy, Peanut Brittle, Chikki, Pé-de-moleque, Nougat, Syrup, Condensed Milk, Milk Curds, Halwà, Turkish Delight (Lokum), Tahin Halva, Les Pâtes de Fruits, Caramel, Brown Sugar, etc.
  • Oriental, Taiwan, Asian Cuisine :Braised pork, Fried rice & noodles, Tube rice pudding, Glutinous oil rice, Soup, Fried lard, etc.

Taiwan-Based Cooking Mixer & Food Processing Machine Manufacturer For Over 30 Years | Seven Castle

Located in Taiwan since 1982, Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd. is a cooking mixer and food processing machine manufacturer in Cooking Mixer Manufacturer Industry. Main products, including Cooking Mixer, Food Processing Machine, Bowl Fixed Cooking Mixer, Table Cooking Mixer, Auto Cooking Mixer, Nougat Cooking Mixer, Rotary Roaster, Cutter, Remover, Presser, Kneader, etc.

The innovative and unique cooking mixer designed by Seven Castle is high performance and high productivity, and every food processing machinery is tested in the test kitchen to ensure its functionality. They are applicable to custard, cream and paste mixing, and more.

Seven Castle has been offering customers high-quality cooking mixers and food processing machines since 1982, both with advanced technology and 31 years of experience, Seven Castle ensures each customer's demands are met.