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Mochi (glutinous rice flour) steam kneader - SC-300 Mochi Kneader
  • Mochi (glutinous rice flour) steam kneader - SC-300 Mochi Kneader

Mochi (glutinous rice flour) steam kneader

model SC-300

The most efficient Mochi cook machine/ Mochi mixer

Although our main products are Cooking Mixers, we also manufacture other food machines, such as spiral mixer, horizontal mixer, steam kneader, rotary roaster, bean skin remover, and vacuum mixer. Our stirrers can be applied to cooking bean paste, data paste, sauce, curry, jam, jelly, peanut sugar, sesame sugar, sweets, minced meat, and soup at bakeries, restaurants, shops, schools, and food industrials, etc.

  • Can be used for Mochi, Chinese Sticky Cake, Rice Cake, Korean Rice Cake, Glutinous Rice Cake, and so on.
  • The most efficient Mochi making machine.
  • Require the less working place.
  • Vertical Mixing System.
  • One bag glutinous rice can be done around 20 minutes.
  • Steam safety system.
  • Vertical outlet can make the food come out very easily and safely.
  • Close system makes food clean with good quality.
  • Easy clean.
  • Easy operation with Timer and clockwise and anti-clockwise mixing style.
  • Electricity: 3-Phase, 3 HP
  • As below :
Full Capacity60L (One Bag Powder)
Type of BodySUS#304 Type
HeatingSteam *
Type of BowlSUS#304 Bowl
*Require 60L steam boiler at least.
Demo Video

▼ Mochi (Chinese rice cake) processing in SC-300 steam kneader.

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Mochi (glutinous rice flour) steam kneader - The most efficient Mochi cook machine/ Mochi mixer | Cooking Mixer Manufacturer For 30 Years In Food Processing Machinery Industry | Seven Castle

Located in Taiwan since 1982, Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd. has been a cooking mixer and food processing machine manufacturer in Cooking Mixer Manufacturer Industry. Their main products, including Mochi (glutinous rice flour) steam kneader, Manual Type Cooking Mixers, Cooking Mixers, Semi-Auto Type Cooking Mixers, Auto Type Cooking Mixers, Custard Cooking Mixers, Bowl Rotating Cooking Mixers, Steam Kneaders, Vacuum Mixers, Horizontal Mixers, Biscuit Mixers, Pounding Machines, Bean Skin Removers, and Two Linked Cutters and Roasters, which are high-quality and reliable.

Seven Castle's Cooking Mixers provide the best solution and well cooking experiences of liquid food in the worldwide with our multiple-culture, international and professional experiences. The innovative and unique cooking mixer designed by Seven Castle is high performance and high productivity, and every food processing machinery is tested in the test kitchen to ensure its functionality. They are applicable to custard, cream and paste mixing, and more.

Seven Castle has been offering customers high-performance cooking mixers and food processing machines since 1982, both with advanced technology and 41 years of experience, Seven Castle ensures each customer's demands are met.