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Cooking Mixers - Multifunctional Assistant


  • Heating and Cooking at the same time.
  • Pour water in the bowl can become a cooker; pour oil in the bowl can become a fryer.
  • All-in-one function cooking mixer, cooking mixer can be a kettle, a wok, a pan, an agitator, a fryer, and etc.
  • Easy operation, high flexibility, excellent durability, and wonderful performance.
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  • Cooking Mixer - Manual
    Bowl Fixed (12/28/40/80/150Liter - Small )

    The smallest capacity Cooking Mixer around 40L to 150L. The bowl is fixed on the Cooking Mixer, can not be tilted. The mixing arm is removed manually. It can save time and manpower. These Cooking Mixers are good for laboratory or small hand-made food manufacturers.

  • Cooking Mixer - Semi-Auto
    Bowl Tilted + Mix Arm Removable (80/150/200/250Liter - Medium )

    Medium size cooking mixers from 80L to 250L. There are different types of bowl: SUS#304 single layer bowl, SUS#304 double jacket bowl both for gas or steam heating, and copper bowl. Customers have different cooking mixer to choose depending on products and productivity. Sweet such as caramel, confectionery, chocolate, peanut brittle, syrup, nougat can use cooking mixers with SUS#304 single layer bowl or copper bowl. Chili sauce, curry sauce, pepper sauce or some solid food: minced meat, powder can use cooking mixers with SUS#304 single layer bowl.SB-408 is the most economical cooking mixer in belt-driven for 80L and 150L. SC-410B cooking mixer, SC-420A cooking mixer, and SB-450 cooking mixer are all in gear-driven which is more durable and long-lasting.

  • Cooking Mixer - Auto
    Bowl Auto Tilted + Mix Arm Auto Lifted (150/200/300/400Liter - Large)

    Seven Castle is specialized in large cooking mixers from 150L to 500L. Seven Castle cooking mixers can do lots of kind of food products, sauces, paste, sweets and so on. It can cook and mix at the same time. Auto cooking mixers can increase productivity and decrease the man power, especially for food factory. There are different models in auto cooking mixers: SB-420 cooking mixer, SB-430 cooking mixer, SB-460 cooking mixer and SB-460S cooking mixer. Seven Castle cooking mixer are CE approval.SB-420 cooking mixer is medium cooking mixer, 150L bowl only. SB-430 is medium to large size cooking mixer from 80L to 300L. Above 250L, SB-460 cooking mixer will be the best choice. SB-460s is our latest medium cooking mixer with safety sensor. The customers can choose the cooking mixer depend on the products, productivity and place.

  • Special Cooking Mixer

    The special Cooking Mixers specialize in making mochi, custard filling, cream, nougat and special paste. Through the different mixing style and agitator, these Cooking Mixer can show the better performance in these special products. We also manufacture some food processing machinery, like powder mixer, meat mixer and biscuit mixer.

  • Food Processing Machines

    Seven Castle also manufactures other food processing machines for different food products. Biscuit Mixer specializes in biscuit and skin of moon cake. Roaster can roast different kinds of nuts such as peanuts, sesame, and almond. Small or Medium capacity horizontal mixers are for mixing powder, meat or any other solid food without heating. Presser can adjust the thickness of nougat, peanut bar, walnut and date delight, or other hard candy. We also manufacture the good quality hard candy cutter and small size mochi pounding machine.

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Seven Castle's Industrial Cooking Mixer Manufacturering

Based in Taiwan, Seven Castle Ent. Co., Ltd. is a cooking mixer manufacturer since 1982. Their cooking mixer is made of stainless steel, automatic and semi-automatic cooking mixer, from 150L to 600L, with CE approval.

The innovative and unique cooking mixer designed by Seven Castle is high performance and high productivity, and every mixer is tested in the test kitchen to ensure its functionality. They are applicable to custard, cream and paste mixing and more.

Seven Castle has been offering a wide range of cooking mixers for 31 years, they always make sure to meet each customer's cooking demands.

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